Rodent Scope – A wireless telemetry system for animals


Extracellular recordings in animals, made using wire implants within the brain, detect changes in the extracellular voltage when neurons discharge. Typically, electrophysiologists tether their rodent to their neural recording equipment which limits the range of possible experiments. In this project we designed a digital wireless neural telemetry system, Rodent Scope (RoSco), which enables new experiments such as neural recordings from rodents in large outdoor environments and social experiments. It is small, [...]

Spike Time Robotics



In this study a spiking network controls the iRat in real time. The study demonstrates how the neural controller directs the rat animat’s movement towards temporal stimuli of the appropriate frequency using an approach based on Braitenberg Vehicles. The circuit responds robustly after four cycles when first detecting a light pulsing at 1 Hz, and rapidly after one-to-three cycles when primed by recent experiences with the same frequency. This study [...]