Martial Arts Tournament System (MATS)


The Martial Arts Tournament System (MATS) is a complete open-source system to manage the running of a tournament. MATS' features include: online registration for coaches, tools for divisioning, entering and printing various results. support for a broad range of division types including: sparring, patterns, round robin, special techniques, power breaking, and a wide variety of team events. MATS has been used for approximately 15+ national and international tournaments with several thousand [...]




Lingodroids are language learning robots that play games to construct shared lexicons. These fascinating mobile robots have learnt lexicons for places, distances, directions, and time. Our latest work demonstrates how to handle referential uncertainty, that is, how to resolve a word’s meaning between multiple candidates. Further, we have demonstrated language learning between robots that have different embodiment and cognitive capabilities. They differed in their sensors (camera images versus laser ranges); [...]