I build robots and other complex systems. Check them out on my Projects page.

I believe that robots and autonomous systems will change the world. I am a part of this world revolution and enjoy working with teams to design and create complex, real-time mechatronic systems and demonstrate their performance. In particular, my favourite experiences have been travelling and working with teams to field test and demonstrate prototype robots and technology.

I have extensive experience researching, developing and demonstrating indoor and field robotics. I am a jack-of-all-trades and in the last 15 years have worked across the broad spectrum of robotics including navigation, path planning, perception, control, SLAM, localisation, multi-robot coordination, mechanical design, arm design, electrical design, actuation, mechanisms, communication, cognitive learning, and docking systems. Along the way I’ve collaborated with engineers, cognitive scientists, industrial designers, neuroscientists, agronomists, computational modellers and mathematicians.

I also think it is important to inspire and educate the next generation of engineers which I have done as a university lecturer, and undergraduate and postgraduate engineering and research advisor.

I’ve had substantial success as a Bai Rui Taekwon-Do instructor and coach. In 10+ years of instructing I helped 25 students reach Black Belt, coached successful teams to a national and international tournament, ran an elite fitness squad and was the tournament director for more than 20 national events.

I live in Stuttgart, Germany with my partner Ruth Schulz and my daughters Sophie and Penny Ball. I currently work at Deepfield Robotics, a Bosch Startup which builds robotic and sensor technology for agriculture.


Photo by Gregory Lee