Insect environment replication


Scientists are trying to understand insect behaviour. To assist we developed a virtual world for Bees. This virtual world consisted of up to six monitors surrounding the Bee along with a controllable platform. We have a virtual display running across up to six monitors @ 1920 x 1200 @ 60 Hz. Using a Python interface the neuroscientists could configure the textures, windows, ground, camera pose, etc. A LEGO mechanism allowed the [...]

Blind Bayes



aka Maintaining a Cognitive Map in Darkness: The Need to Fuse Boundary Knowledge with Path Integration The iRat was used in one of Allen Cheung's studies to find out if animals need "cognitive maps". From the abstract: "Spatial navigation requires the processing of complex, disparate and often ambiguous sensory data. The neurocomputations underpinning this vital ability remain poorly understood. Controversy remains as to whether multimodal sensory information must be combined into [...]